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About Marco

Our phones are incredible.  They help us stay connected with the people we care about most, no matter where they are.  But while connecting digitally is great, 2020 taught us that nothing can replace getting together in person with our best friends.  That’s why people around the world have adapted to create safe bubbles of our closest, local friends.


You probably already share your location with close friends and check where they are when you want to hang out.  But all of the current apps for this only allow you to see where your friends are on a map.  Actually coordinating hangouts and events with friends still requires multiple apps. 

Let’s be real, it’s 2021.  Shouldn’t there be a better way to do this?


Meet:  Marco — the social app that makes getting your friends together easier than ever.


Select your friends on the location-sharing map, create a hangout, and start a group chat with just a few taps.  Boom- you're done!  Right before your hangout starts, live location sharing turns on for everyone coming.  You'll be able to see who's running late and make sure everyone is meeting at the same place.  Afterwards, location sharing preferences get reverted back to their previous settings.


With Marco, you have complete control over your location-sharing.  Share your precise location, approximate, or hidden.  The best part?  Your friends won't be able to tell the difference. 


We built Marco because getting friends together should be easy and ownership of your data should be a given. We will never, ever, sell your data.


Out with the old, in with the new.  Join us in the new generation of social networking. 


Stay safe, wash your hands, wear a mask — we love you.


=Avi, CEO & Founder

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