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Differences between Marco and Find my Friends
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Difference between Marco & Find my Friends

Find My Friends uses your phone’s precise location to securely share your location with friends of your choosing.  But that’s it. 
Marco starts by doing the same thing, but enhances it in every way possible.  Choose to share your precise location with certain friends, but only your general whereabouts -- your “Obscured” location -- with others, and feel comfortable knowing that your friend can’t tell the difference.  Set nearby notifications for certain people. 
But what’s your main use for Find My Friends? 
Most people say it’s to see where their friends are when they’re trying to hang out.  Unfortunately, Find My Friends just shows you a plain map and list of where your friends are, and doesn’t really let you do anything with it. 
Marco’s interactive map lets you select people right then and there to send a hangout invite to, and turns that invite into a wickedly smart group chat for you and your friend(s) to coordinate getting together more easily than ever.

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