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Influencer collaboration is a big piece of Marco's promotion strategy.  We are thankful to every content creator we work with for helping further our vision!  

If a Marco representative has reached out regarding collaboration, this guide will provide all of the information you will need.  We update this for every campaign so you can be sure the information is up to date.  

Campaign Overview


The Marco App is launching in three major cities in 2021: Miami, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.  Part of this launch involves collaboration with influencers in these cities.  We would like for selected content creators to share story videos explaining why they love the app, how there are a few spots available for public beta, and the Airpods Max giveaway.  Please see below for the dates we would like these posts to be published!

Platform & format

We would like content creators to create short videos on Instagram.  We would like 2 video story posts. 


For the content of the videos, please see the dialogue document below. We would also like creators to

  • tag @Marco_App

  • Swipe up to our landing page (link provided) or type link in story (if under 10,000 followers)

Payment Form

Please let us know a quote for this project and your PAYPAL email address.  As we are a business, we are only able to use our business paypal rather than Venmo.

Dialogue/content guide

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