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Welcome to Marco.  If you are responding to a sticker distribution listing, this page will provide more information. 

We keep this page updated per campaign so all information is up to date.  



Marco is seeking an individual to place stickers in Miami, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.  

These stickers should be placed on visible public spaces where they are common such as maintenance boxes, telephone poles, etc.  

The stickers should be distributed in a few hours.  We will provide exact locations to distribute.  

We will send the stickers directly to this individual's provided address.  

Marco Home Page

Want to check out Marco for yourself?  Click the icon below to visit our main website.  



The dates below are the days that the stickers should be placed.  Please attend your city only.  


      Miami, FL -   March 4, 5, 6, 7 

      San Francisc, CA -  March 4, 5, 6, 7

      Los Angeles, CA -  March 25, 26, 27, 28

Form & signature

Please fill out this quick form with your information so we can send you the stickers.  


This opportunity pays $25/hour.   We expect this job to take 6-8 hours in every city.  You will be placing 350 stickers in several locations around the city.  

We will pay partial upfront and the rest at the completion of the job.  We require that you send a few pictures of the stickers on different surfaces before submitting a finished job.  These can just be quickly texted to the Marco representative. 

Once you have finished the job, we will immediately pay the remaining due to whichever payment source you would like (Venmo, Paypal, etc. is all allowed).  

Contact Information

We will reach out immediately after you submit the above form with more information.  If you need to contact us before then, please email

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